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April Sport

April Sport

30/04/2015 12:00

As the football season reaches its climax we have some cracking games coming up as we take a step closer to finding out who are the best teams in the country!

Friday 3rd
Ipswich vs Bournemouth
Derby vs Watford
St Mirren vs Celtic

Saturday 4th
Arsenal vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Stoke
The Crabbies Grand National

Sunday 5th
Hearts vs Rangers
Burnley vs Tottenhan
Sunderland vs Newcastle

Monday 6th
Watford vs Middlesbourgh
Wolves vs Leeds
Crystal Palace vs Man City

Tuesday 7th
Motherwell vs St Mirren
Aston Villa vs QPR

Wednesday 8th
Dundee vs Dundee United
Blackburn vs Liverpool

Thursday 9th
Queen of the South vs Rangers

Friday 10th
Brighton vs Bournemouth
Glasgow vs Cardiff

Saturday 11th
Swansea vs Everton
Inverness vs Celtic
Burnley vs Arsenal
Edinburgh vs Munster

Sunday 12th
Kilmarnock vs Aberdeen
QPR vs Chelsea
Hibs vs Hearts
Man Utd vs Man City

Monday 13th
St Mirren vs Ross County
Liverpool vs Newcastle

Tuesday 14th
Juventus vs Monaco
Atletico vs Real Madrid

Wednesday 15th
Porto vs Bayern Munich
PSG vs Barcelona

Thursday 16th
Europa League

Friday 17th
Norwich vs Middlesbourgh

Saturday 18th
Wolves vs Ipswich
Reading vs Arsenal
Chelsea vs Man Utd

Sunday 19th
Man City vs West Ham
Newcastle vs Tottenham
Bahrain GP

Monday 20th
Aston Villa vs QPR

Tuesday 21st
Bayern vs Porto
Barcelona vs PSG

Wednesday 22nd
Real Madrid vs Atletico
Monaco vs Juventus

Thursday 23rd
Europa League

Saturday 25th
Southampton vs Tottenham
Man City vs Aston Villa

Sunday 26th
Everton vs Man Utd
Arsenal vs Chelsea

Wednesday 29th
Leicester vs Chelsea

Live Sports

Live Sports

13/07/2015 00:00

Have something specific you want to watch???

Know of any other bars that can show...

Live Premiership football?
Live World Cup Qualifiers?
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Live Boxing?
Live Wimbledon?
Live Ashes?
Live Superbowl?
Live Ryder Cup?
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Live Grand National?

Thought not!
We will try and show any sport where possible. If you have anything in particular that you think may not already be on, please contact us in advance and we will try to ensure you can watch what you requested!